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South Casa Cove is located within walking distance of Casa Cove. It is the cove/reef that extends from the back side of the jetty down to Hospital Point (the point on the right in the photo above) . This is an extremely good place for spearfishing and hunting/gathering due to the large amount of reefs. Due to it's close proximity to the Childrens Pool you can often see seals and sea lions swimming around and checking out lobster traps. Depending on the size of the surf the entries can range from extremely easy to extremely difficult. I had one dive there where I crawled on my hands and knees up the beach. Getting down the large cliff isn't a problem since there are steps in at least two places that get you 3/4ths of the way down. The other fourth is a little dropoff which is about 3 feet high. Since this is an open area for hunting you're not likely to see many free swimming fish here. I haven't seen very many anyway. The seals eat most (correction: ALL) of the stuff in the area. Overall this is a pretty good hunting dive site.

Update - 11/27/2006 - John L emailed some additional information on entry and exit procedures which you should definitely read over before heading out.

There is also a pronounced rip in South Casa.   The waves tumble over
the rocks that are vestigial to the reef, and then there are sand
channels at the south end.  The water comes in over the rocks and exits
through the sand channels.   Divers should do the same, or better, come
in just outside the sand channel where the rocks are a little more
submerged.  (middle of the cove)