An update on the Casa Cove / Children's Pool "Situation"

September 21, 2003

Since 1997 water contact at the Children's Pool has been closed to the public. Unfortunately, what began as a simple precautionary closure (due to a high bacteria count in the water) was leveraged and exploited by a group of radical environmental extremists with the ultimate goal of turning the area into a marine mammal breeding ground. United by a common goal, the people of San Diego would soon spend six years struggling to regain the beach for the children of San Diego - the same children that Ellen Browning Scripps commissioned and designed the area for in 1931. It is my pleasure and honor to inform you that the people of San Diego have won, finally achieving our goal of returning the Children's Pool to the children of San Diego.

Don Perry, a long time supporter for the movement to regain use of the Children's Pool writes,

"Hello Jeff,
Just a quick note to let you know that we are actively swimming and skin diving nearly daily from the beach out of Children's Pool /Casa.The seals have been nonexistent to very few on the beach- easy to not violate the "do not disturb edict"

The "Head Seal Keeper " Don Riley is still there but has been served with a "cease and desist" from NOAA because he was going beyond barking at people. He was posing as a NOAA officer with card and all and bodily threatening people. He is about the only "seal jerk" down there on a daily basis because he is a homeless guy who lives on the street in his camper. If he bothers you or threatens you call the police -they are aware of him.

The rope and signs are completely illegal (no coastal permit) and we are in the midst of gearing up for a battle with the City Parks and Beaches and NOAA to get it removed. So feel free to step over the rope and use the beach, you are doing it lawfully .

I am down there swimming or diving almost every day with a friend or two- you are welcome to join us usually around 3:00 - 4:00.

Hope to see you there!

Don Perry "


Additionally, as word has spread, several other groups have been actively diving the children's pool on a regular basis. Just last night my brother called me on my cell phone to describe how he had stepped over the ropes and touched the water for the first time in eight years (the first and only time we had snorkeled there).

Just remember that the area is still a marine mammal preserve and while I don't suspect anyone reading this page would actively harass the marine mammals just be aware that there are stiff fines for it and to keep a good eye on your kids.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time to GET WET! I'll see you in the water.

Until next time,

jeff at heff dot net